Promoting Social Justice and Livelihood

The inadequate management including poor distribution of Liberia’s resources where few are benefiting at the loss of the majority is causing huge disparities thus given rise to the proliferation of narcotic drug usages, prostitution, gang activities with an increased in community terrorization in urban cities of Liberia.  Poverty has taken deep root in many communities as many families cannot support their children with food, shelter, education, etc. In remote rural communities, family members sent their children to live with family members and friends in Monrovia for education. But on the contrary, and in practice, many of these children are trafficked. There is an increased in internal Trafficking in Person (TIP) in Liberia. 

To this end, RHRAP Social Justice Program concept seeks to build the capacity of marginalised groups including the young generation in rural Liberia that will make them realise their importance and contribute to community growth. Poverty have engulfed and reduced the moral values of youth thus contributing to their involvement in the use of narcotic drugs with huge increased in various crimes leading them to prisons. Despite of the availability of rich land for various agriculture purposes, many of them are leaving their homelands as foreigners gradually takeover. Those that are left, are used as labourers by concessionaires including extractive companies with less incentive as many of the youth are out of school while the few that have devoted to farming have less access to the market to get adequate proceeds from their firm products. Poverty have demoralised residents where children are bearing children with high increased in sexual exploitation, earlier and force marriages, force labor, rapes, Trafficking in Person (TIP) etc. all of which are considered as contemporary forms of slavery. These indigenous communities are sitting on top of an untapped wealth (rich land) that needs to be explored. The above situation has impeded the ability of creative residents especially youth from transcending. 

So, the goal of this program is to improve the lives of marginalised groups through the provision of livelihoods supports to enhance their economic viability to realize their moral potentials and contribute to societal growth. It will reduce the increased in imprisonments, exploitations in various forms, increased in school enrolments amongst marginalised groups; decrease youth migration to urban cities where they lost their values and largely exploited, reduce land grabbing by foreigners thus supporting inter-generational equity that will benefit generation to come.  RHRAP believes that with poverty, it is purely difficulty to realize dignity and freedom; so, this concept seeks to fight poverty and restore dignity and freedom using livelihood empowerment.  


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