Human Rights & the Rule of Law

RHRAP believes that an effective Criminal Justice System (CJS) is a key aspect of the rule of law, and effective implementation of the rule of law, leads to genuine democracy. An effective CJS is capable of investigating and adjudicating criminal offences effectively, impartially without interference, at the same time ensuring that the rights of suspects, accused and victims are protected.

RHRAP rule of law program is currently focused on contributing to improving the Criminal Justice System - CJS focusing on the Police, Court and Prisons through capacity building initiatives at various levels using various methodologies. RHRAP provide training for Police and Correction Officers in the areas of human rights practice in policing and corrections; monitored how the knowledge and skills acquired from the trainings are being applied in their various areas of assignments including prisons, and police detention centers. RHRAP works in closed collaboration with the Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation (BCR), the Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Justice to monitor prisons and police withholding centers to identify gaps for improvement.

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