Promoting the fundamental human rights of indigenous community residents

Date: 12/10/2022

Promoting the fundamental human rights of indigenous community residents.

The Rural Human Rights Activists Programme (RHRAP) with funding from the Lush Charitable Pot is engaged in an education and advocacy program titled “Sustained Education and Advocacy Initiatives on the Impact of Gold Mining on Community Residents”. The program is an environmental education and advocacy initiatives that focused on exposing the danger and effects of cyanides on the lives of mining communities. From 2018 to current, using the Lush Charitable Pot grant support, RHRAP has worked with communities that are affected by mining being carried out by the Bea Mountains and MNG Gold Mines in Kinjor, Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County which continue to enhance the capacity of affected residents to apply safety practices in avoiding getting in contact with waters that are polluted as a result of mining. In addition, the program has and continue to empower residents to understand how to take on their own advocacy initiatives in the promotion and protection of their rights as indigenous communities. Using the knowledge and skills gained from the various capacity building training workshops, resident of Jekindor, Kinjor and their surrounding towns and villages that benefited from RHRAP Capacity building trainings are engaging the Bea Mountains, MNG Gold and national actors to address critical issues affecting residents as a result of the mining of that pollute the waters, land and destruction of their houses including religious building (Mosque) amongst others.

Through sustained engagements and advocacy, the government and the MNG Gold Mines have refurbished the only motorcar road leading to the most affected town (Jekandor) and the provision of safe drinking water. However, the relocation of town which is paramount to the residents due to the risks associated with the current living conditions in Jekandor, RHRAP is working with relevant stakeholders including lawmakers, and mining companies to address the relocation of the town that will bring relief to the residents. RHRAP and its funding partners will continue to enhance the capacity of affected communities to take on the defense of their fundamental human rights as required by national and international laws.

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